Available Opportunities

Diesel Engine Mechanics

Our diesel engine mechanics ensure that these engines achieve the best time to destination, in the safest way possible. Their specialization and our inspection program enable them to determine the causes and solutions to mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic issues. Their vigilance helps us continually surpass Transport Canada’s standards.

Montreal, Canada


Railway Car Mechanics

With a wide range of locomotives and passenger cars, there is always something to do around the clock. Our mechanics proactively maintain or repair mechanical issues on our railway equipment to ensure the safety of our passengers and crew. They may be called upon to do light repairs (chairs, door systems, etc.) or heavy ones (changing wheels, trucks, etc.).

Vancouver, Canada


Railway Car Electricians

They have the overall responsibilities of all our electrical equipment, including lighting and HVAC systems. They are able to interpret electrical or electronic drawings and determine wiring layouts in addition to using a variety of specialized equipment.

Montreal, Vancouver, Canada


Locomotive Attendants

This is a team of robust yard workers capable of tackling year-round, all-weather duties, and work hours. They monitor the movement of our impressive fleet of locomotives and trains in one of our state-of-the-art maintenance centers. They share a common priority: safety.

Vancouver, Canada


General Worker

Our general workers are satisfied only when everything is in order and looks sparkling clean. They help our customers enjoy a tidy, healthy and welcoming environment, maintaining both the interior and exterior of our passenger cars with care. In particular, they pay attention, among other things, to carpets, tables and chairs, toilets, windows as well as refilling the drinking water systems and emptying the waste water.

Vancouver, Canada


Fork Lift / Tow Motor Operator

As a Forklift/Tow Motor Operator, you will be called upon to execute a wide variety of tasks including:

• Operating motorized vehicles safely within the Maintenance Center.

• Cleaning the interior and exterior of locomotives.

• All other related tasks You will be responsible for cleaning the interior and exterior of our locomotives (must not fear heights).

You will also be called upon to transport pieces of equipment within the Maintenance Center.

Montreal, Canada


Refrigeration Mechanic

As a Refrigeration Mechanic for VIA Rail, you will be required to perform a multitude of tasks on locomotives and passenger cars. These tasks include some electrical work which you will be trained for such as the installation, replacement and repair of all electrical equipment and components. This includes equipment related to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, control and lighting systems. You will, amongst other tasks, check and measure voltage, loads, grounding faults and circuit integrity. You will also execute the preventive maintenance programs.

Montreal, Canada


Railway Car Technician (Carman)

As a Railway Car Technician, you will service our passenger cars in terms of regular maintenance and heavy repairs. You will also repair the inside and outside of our passenger cars including: Seats, Toilets, Sinks, Blinds, Panels, Piping (Air & Water), Windows, Brake rigging, etc. You will be asked to replace and/or remove the major components such as: Wheelsets, Couplers, Springs, etc.

Vancouver, Canada