Available Opportunities

Service Technicians

CALIBRE Systems is seeking to hire qualified Service Technicians to work at Jaguar Land Rover Canadian Retailers through the Jaguar Land Rover Canada Ex-Military Careers Program. The program is designed to promote the hiring of qualified Canadian Armed Forces, Ex-Military, Transitioning Ex-Military Members, and currently serving Reserve Force Members in good standing at participating Jaguar Land Rover Retailers throughout the nation.

Selection for the program is highly competitive in keeping with the tradition of professionalism found in both the Canadian Armed Forces and the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. The primary goal of this initiative is to recruit and train Ex-Military maintenance/repair technicians and mechanics to become brand-certified Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Service Technicians.

Ex-Military candidates must meet the requisite qualifications, experience and capability requirements, and be willing to attend a three-week long in-resident instruction and certification course upon hiring as well as making a long-term commitment to their respective Jaguar Land Rover Retailer Employer.